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Cornell Ruffian
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A Cornell University Affiliate Center for
Equine Sports Medicine & Critical Care
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Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

Our orthopedic surgeons treat all forms of equine trauma, OCD, and lameness and have access to advanced diagnostic techniques including, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, scintigraphy, and standing MRI. Our faculty are leaders in the field of arthroscopy, fracture repair and performance horse injury. The group expertly handles postoperative rehabilitation and works with referring veterinarians and licensed veterinary rehabilitation centers to help get your horse back to its best possible function.

The Soft Tissue Surgery Service consists of experienced board-certified veterinary surgeons. All referral surgeries are done by the faculty surgeons. Emergency surgical patients such as those suffering colic or requiring caesarian section recover in our Intensive Care Unit where they receive around the-clock monitoring, intravenous fluid therapy, and pain management. A partial list of the soft tissue surgical procedures performed includes laparoscopic and closed castration and ovariectomy procedures, wound repair, sinus and dental surgery, respiratory tract surgery, minimally invasive surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, urinary tract surgery, laser surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

Ruffian Equine Orthopedic Surgery