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Cornell Ruffian
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A Cornell University Affiliate Center for
Equine Sports Medicine & Critical Care
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Goals of the Externship:
We offer an externship program to veterinary students that provides a clinical experience to broaden their exposure to specialized equine surgery, medicine and critical care, lameness, and advanced imaging. As a private clinic the amount of actual "hands on" experience is limited. However, there is considerable information to be gained by observation and exposure to a heavy caseload. Clinicians, interns, and technicians make every effort to explain hospital cases and procedures whenever time permits. Externs have the opportunity to observe equine specialists in surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine and critical care, sports medicine and poor performance, regenerative medicine, ophthalmology, and acute rehabilitation.

Externship Responsibilities:
Accompany clinicians and technicians on rounds, during clinical assessment, medical or surgical treatments, and postoperative care of horses. Assistance in daily treatments, emergency admissions, imaging, and case monitoring will be expected. Areas of interest will be discussed with the extern and we will attempt to accommodate an emphasis in specific clinical domains.

Estimated Workload:
Responsibilities are moderate. This is a seasonally busy hospital; externs will learn as much or as little as the time they devote to their externship.

Other Information:
Maximum stay of two weeks; no minimum stay. It is the responsibility of the extern to find transportation and accommodation.

Maximum Number of Externs: 2

Completed 3 semesters of veterinary school

Variable, but many blocks fill up to a year in advance

All extern applicants will be charged a non-refundable processing and application fee once a visit is approved. Applicants are responsible for all personal arrangements and expenses associated with their visits . It is important for extern applicants to contact Ms. Pilar Thompson ( about specific applicable weekly fees.

Insurance Requirements:
AVMA-PLIT liability insurance

Internship Available:

Application Process:
To request an opportunity block externship rotation (for grade) DVM students should apply with resume and requested dates to Dr. Sam Hurcombe ( or Ms. Pilar Thompson (

Ruffian Equine Externship